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About Christine

Therapy to me is a mere extension of my mind that, was and still is inquisitive about the nature of loss, pain, and suffering:  How can I heal, how can I help others to heal.  My life had me live for years on three different continents.  Relating to others was a matter of survival.  Seeing a worldview being challenged 3 times was enough to make me spend my time on what fundamentally binds us all as humans.  This content of my life then sought education and science to establish its credibility.

My approach to transformative therapy is to provide a safe space where you can begin a journey of self-discovery and learn life-long skills and ways for healing, growth and self-reliance. I am a good listener.  I want to foster a strong therapeutic relationship with you, and want to develop goals and tailor a unique plan to bring about positive changes in your life and outlook.